Ohai, remember me?

So I may have forgotten about my LJ…whoops? I sorta moved on to non-blogging related stuff, lurking/reposting on Tumblr (all your fault aien_hime). It’s just so…many pics/gifs to satisfy my fangirl needs! And it works quite lovely as an app on my new Samsung Tab3 Lite too (got it for free with my new smartphone, old one died :( ). I suppose Tumblr is technically a blog too, but yeah…no big walls of texts for me over there.

Anyways, graduated my 2nd year IT & Media Design and am doing an internship till January. It was really a pain in the arse to find something. I had to find a company myself, apply and hope to be invited for an interview. I got about 15 declines (not what we are looking for, not looking for an intern, nevermind that their sites still showed a bloody job opening…blablah), till one of my teachers forwarded an email from a company being in desperate need of an intern. Applied, went to the interview and to see if I liked the company. It was really nice and relaxed and I got accepted the very same day :) Officially internship stuff starts at September 1, but since they got various projects going on, they wanted me ASAP. So I have been an intern at FRTRSS (pronounced “Fortress”) in Amsterdam as of August 10.

Aside from school related stuff, I got myself an Etsy account, because why not. Bought some nerd themed jewelry, realized it’s better to spend my money on actual silver jewelry and not silver plated, unless I want to coat it all in transparent nail polish. My first necklace is turning pink at the edges, thanks to the hot weather we had a couple of weeks ago, yay for sweat ruining it. Thankfully didn’t spend too much on said jewelry, but still…

Started watching some new series, finished some. To summarize the main ones in no particular order:

Agent Carter (Finished)
Loved it. Unlike Agents of Shield the pace is a lot faster. The characters are likeable and it has kickass women. I like it how Stark Tech has been integrated in a post-WW2 era.

Sherlock (Finished)
I already was a fan of the movie adaption with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, the chemistry between the two was awesome. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman manage to do the same, in a modern setting. I might be a Johnlock fangirl =P Also a big fan of BBC’s Lestrade! As a Media Designer I love the way fonts/texts are displayed (floating text, whee!).

Doctor Who (S2, episode 11)
I have been wanting to watch this for ages, but the amount of episodes/seasons available kinda scared me. Saw the first episode months ago and was all ‘eh’. A friend of mine watched all of it up to the newest Doctor and finally managed to convince me to start watching it together, assuring me it gets better after a couple of episodes. Turned out he was right. Both the 9th (Christopher Eccleston) and 10th (David Tennant) Doctor are awesome in their own way, especially loved the interaction with 9th Doctor and Rose. Yay for Netflix having series and specials available!

Teen Wolf (S4, episode 11)
After seeing this series appear many times on Archive of our Own, and aien_hime having mentioned it a couple of times, I decided to give it a go, as it was (mostly) available on Netflix anyways. Gods, it’s definitely meant for MTV audience =P The whole highschool teenager turned werewolf, falling in love with the daughter of a werewolf/supernatural hunter family stuff is so cliché. Despite that, it’s quite entertaining. I especially like Stiles and his dad. Derek also an interesting character, tho his interaction with some females in later seasons are…argh.

Let’s see…what else….big renovation going on. Both my bedroom and the spare one got new laminate flooring, ceilings and woodwork got new paint and the walls in one of the rooms got new wallpaper. It’s been 15 years since last time, so yeah it was definitely needed. Will also be getting 2 new bookcases, so hopefully I can finally fit all my books!

That’s about it I guess. I’ll dedicate a different post to my current gaming stuffs in a future posts, unless I forget to update again =P

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Music for the soul

Vacation! Soon-ish...

You know that deadline you forgot all about? Yeah, that happened to me. Yesterday I was all happy about finally having a week off (autumn holidays, hoo!), only to get a text message from a classmate, asking about the deadline of an assignment for Digital Publishing. I sorta assumed it was the Friday after said holiday, but turns out the deadline is tonight 23.59. Whoops? Thankfully I am almost done, just some minor tweaking in Photoshop, combining the stuff in pdf format and uploading said pdf online. But yeah, thank you classmate!

So here I am, taking a small break to sort out my thoughts. Too many ideas at the same time tends to overcomplicate my creative process in Photoshop/Dreamweaver. Need to take a step back and observe the current result, ya know? And also to make many snapshots of the entire process to see if I missed anything. Writing a LJ post tends to help a lot, even tho it's prolly not that interesting to read as an outsider. Might as well try to explain what I am trying to create eh?

For digital publishing we have to make an Epub for Paaspop, which is a music festival. To prepare for this, we need to do additional assignments. Research the layouts of magazines, both paper and digital. What's the difference, how do they deal with photos, texts and fonts? After doing said research, we had to make magazine layout examples in Photoshop, using pictures and quotes we like. As many designs/variations as possible. Teacher gave feedback, which was used to finetune the designs. For the final assignment we now have to use one of the layouts and turn it into a digital one for tablet usage. This also means you need to take into account that a user needs indicators how to browse through your magazine. So you need to add a menu bar/navigation stuff. The usage of videos, multiple pages, stuff like that.

Despite being complicated, I love it. While coding my own websites is quite fun, there is someting unreal about trying to tell a story through the latest IT means. Digital Publishing really is still in the stone age if you compare it to other IT-branches. It's too bad the classes can be so utterly dull. I am still torn if I want to be a full fledged Media Designer or if I want to specialise in Digital Publishing or a different innovation course. Thankfully I still got the entire school year to decide, if not longer.

Anyways, back to homework now. Apologies if the post is kinda boring (not that many read it to begin with =P).

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Yesterday morning I was on my way to class, on my way to my 2nd train (the first train I take doesn't stop at my destination, thus I need to switch over to a different one halfway), only to suddenly to find myself falling. Managed to get my hands out to prevent major damage, but still hit the ground with my knees. I don't recall being pushed in the mass of fellow travelers, no miss-stepping either, or the usual ankle getting wobbly. Two scraped knees, a hurting left palm and feeling a tad silly, I still managed to get to school. Thankfully two random strangers were quick to get me up and check if I was alright. At the end of my school day my knees where black and blue and my hand slightly swollen, but it was still doable. However, in the evening I also felt my left ankle hurting, so I guess I twisted it after all, while I fell down or something.... Defo not wearing my ankle length boots for a while, seems I only got more wobbly ever since I got those boots.

Because I only have 2 hours of class today, I decided to take the day off. Thankfully the teachers are quite understanding when it comes to such things, as long as you finish all assignments. Not going to risk stressing said ankle by 1,5 hours of travel by bike, walking, train and bus. Not to mention the many stairs I have to take... So here I am, doing a laptop maintenance, updating online games and such and writing this LJ post =P

Class has been alright, some boring as hell, other quite entertaining and even usefull. Counting down till my autumn holiday (week off, hoo!) tho, as I got way too many deadlines. It will be nice to relax a bit, only worrying about 1 deadline for PHP. Still haven't read anything new but fanfiction, thanks to this madness. Did get Super Smash Bros for the 3DS, which is quite fun, tho I am sad that there is no story mode like Subspace Emissary on the Wii version =( The online battling works surprisingly well, resulting into 1,5 hours of battling versus a friend, both utterly failing at mastering the new characters/moves. The lack of chat makes it less interactive tho, so we ended up booting up Skype to talk while playing.

Well, suppose I should do some homework now, but first...coffee!

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Lifestyle changes

A couple of weeks ago I hit a new age mark. I thought I would be utterly miserable about it, due to the whole social pressure stuff (get boyfriend, get a place to live together, marry, babies, etc.). You see, all my cousins/nieces of my age range got this stuff ages ago, which kinda makes you wonder if you are doing the entire thing wrong.  But then I realized I really can’t compare myself to them. I did most of my education at the highest level. Out of my 10 or so cousins, only one did HBO/University level education after High School. When they finished their education, I was still busy with mine.

Now that I got my propaedeutic diploma for IT & Media Design, I really can’t be arsed to care anymore what others think about my social status. I happy the way I am, what I have achieved in only 1 year and I can’t  wait to find out what I else I will learn in the next 3 years, till I can call myself Bachelor of IT & Media Design (or possibly IT & Digitial Publishing, if I decide to specialize in that course instead).

This mindset ain’t the only lifestyle change tho. It also has changed the way I spend what little free time I have left. One of my teachers wasn’t joking that studying IT kills off the drive to play video games. I used to play several MMO games, but nowadays the only game I really play is some short sessions in Diablo III. My World of Warcraft account expired a month ago and quite frankly, I ain’t really missing it. I barely had anyone left to play with, the raids I had with my guildies really were downright terrible. It just made me very annoyed that people couldn’t follow simple instructions and their performance was below average. So when I announced my departure from the game for the time being (I might subscribe briefly for the 10th anniversary of WoW), barely anyone responded and simply left the guild to join a different one. So much for loyalty eh? I spend so many years trying to keep the damned guild alive (with the help of 2-3 others).

I just do not have the patience anymore to deal with idiots, so it’s mostly about single player games nowadays (or games that allow a single player, with the possibility of adding more players). Rhythm games are still one of my favorite gaming genres (currently very much obsessed with Love Live School Project on the tablet). I am picking up Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS next Friday as well.

Aside from gaming I am also spending a lot of time reading. Got myself a Goodreads account after a certain someone bullied poked me to get one, to remind myself I still got like 15 books waiting to be read (fanfics are just so delicious, especially since I discovered AO3). Been trying to finish this one Warcraft book for months...but ugh...it just is so blah to read. I am just too stubborn to give it up, as it's part of the Warcraft Lore. Yeah, despite having stopped playing the MMO, I still very much love the lore.

So yeah, maybe I am finally growing up =P

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Oh internets, you are so wonderful

I just had to share this one, because it makes me all happy and nerdy.

PianoGuys, never stop making awesome music. Seriously.

And this one because it's simply adorable and and because I love it how they put the entire thing together (especially considering we're dealing with tricksy felines here).

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Ugh, headache...

Just a quick post to prove once again I am still alive. Been having killer headaches the past few days randomly, so didn't really feel like updating my LJ, or doing anything besides lying down, reading fanfics on my phone.

Class has been random, occasionally frustrating after finding out half of my classmates has never seen The Matrix. Then I found out several didn't see Lord of the Rings either and one female classmate dislikes all superhero movies, except Batman ones (and only because of Heath Ledger).  Seriously, what's wrong with that generation? It's kinda mandatory to at least have seen the first Matrix movie as an IT student, especially an Media Design one! Bloody kids...

That being said, went to Amsterdam with aien_hime yesterday, for a double belated (hers and mine) birthday celebration. Saw Guardians of the Galaxy for the second time (which is AWESOME, my inner nerdgirl went squee at the air battle) and had sushi for lunch/dinner. They had some very yummy and original sushi variations. Had a great time, even tho Amsterdam really ain't my kind of city. Way too many tourists and retarded people getting in my way.

Well, back to enjoying my killer headache again.

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Obligatory I am alive post

Yush, I am still alive. Just very busy with my new IT studies. For those not informed yet: I was barely getting any working hours at my job and they were treating me like crap, so I decided to go back to school, doing something I truly enjoy. In fact, I already passed my first year and will be starting my 2nd year of IT & Media Design next week. More about that next time. I promised a certain someone to update my LJ, so here I am!

So...I quit WoW for the time being. Guild is pretty much falling apart and it feels like I am raiding with lemmings. I actually had more progress in raiding with a group of complete strangers than my very own guildies. I'll prolly be back for the 10 year anniversary to check out the revamped Molten Core and to get the mount and pet, then cancel my account again till the expansion. That is, if I end up playing the expansion at all. I am still unsure. Thankfully, I got invited to test the Warlords of Draenor beta (also known as: Yet Another Orc Themed Expansion). This post will be about the updated character models. Blizzard has really tried to stay true to the original designs. Fore some races this has been very succesful, for others it has been a tad disappointing. A sneakpeak of what my priest looks like now:

To keep it friendslist friendly, clicky here for more picsCollapse )

Getting the screenshots and editing was a pain! I'll see if I can add some more model updates next time. The beta servers have been unstable lately, making it a pain to get some proper screenshots. And yes, I am aware it is a bit weird to announce I quit playing WoW, only to end up playing/testing the beta version. Not even sure if I can really can call it playing, as I am mostly logging to check out my garrison for mission updates =P

So yeah, I am still alive. More about the IRL updates and new fandoms in next post. Summer vacaction allowed to me check out new sherlockisawesomesquee stuff.

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Melting, halp!

Why yes, I am still alive, but the bloody warm weather is doing an excellent job at making me melt. My bedroom is at the top floor, just under the roof. The sun also goes down at my side of the house, so it becomes really warm around 6-8 PM. Window open at max, curtain closed and the fan on max, which makes the entire ordeal somewhat managable during raiding times in WoW. During daytime I am spending a lot of time downstairs tho, as it's a lot cooler over there. The humid weather is no good for my knees either, they ache like hell and recently my wrist joints have joined the 'fun' as well. Walking for 1 hour in the outdoors this weekend seems to help a bit, but it's really too warm today to spend any time longer than that, even with sunblock on. Not to mention all the people on bicycles being idiots, forcing me off the road. It's a shared road for pedestrians and bikers, darn it! I am even walking on the left side, allowing them to easily move around me, but noooo....

Am currently preparing for college, bought a brand new laptop (it's required to have one, as they ditched all PCs at the ICT building, because people all had their own laptop anyways). Most people declared me mad for spending so much money on it, but my 5 year old PC is slowly dying and this laptop has to last at least 4 years of ICT classes, some requiring Media Design software as well. So I got a laptop whom can play MMO games on high/ultra graphics now (instead of low/medium a best), while also able to handle all the software requirements I may need in the future. It's a win/win situation for me really.

My first WoW 25man raid on Raid Finder was unreal. I have been so used to spell effects toned down, that seeing all those spell effects at high detail was causing a visual overload, distracting me constantly O.o It also made me realise that Blizz needs to tone down some of the spell effects that come with trinket/tier set procs. Back in earlier expansions I could still see myself when standing in melee range. Nowadays there is an overkill of pets or spawned mobs that fight for you for 10-30 sec upon proccing.

Been to the Manga exhibit in Rotterdam with aien_hime, which was awesome. Beautiful drawings, a nice summary of its history. I actually learned some new stuff. I especially loved that they mentioned how some of the artists were inspired by Dutch artists. Never realised that COBRA inspired so many people. Ended up buying the art book with pics of the exhibit. I just had to get it.

Also visited a good friend of mine. There is currently a weekly summer fair/market in his city and I just had to check it out, as they sell many books, games and toys. Found 6 gen 1 ponies! Sadly some had their hair cut, but I just couldn't leave them there. I actually only own one of these, so hurrah for new ponies! Also found one of the Thea Beckman books I have been looking for. My friend found the first part of the trilogy 2 weeks ago, the book I purchased is part 2, so the only one I am missing now is part 3. I really should read them again, but still so many books to read.

Ended up watching Pacific Rim with said friend too. The mechas Jaegers were simply amazing, loved the way they were controlled. Really, the possibilties of this world/future are endless, I keep daydreaming about it during chores/work. The choice of music was nice too, not over the top, despite the heavy use of electric guitars. The characters were alright, not amazing like Marvel ones, but that's not too surprising, considering the Marvel universe got a vast background story (thanks to the comics and the movies), not to mention various well known actors. But the plotholes and the decisions some of the chars made, it was pretty bad. Me and my friend ended up facepalming and lol-ing several times XD. Despite those silly moments, it was an entertaining movie which I will definately get on Bluray at some point, if only to squee at the awesomeness of the mechas/tech.

I could write some more about my recent MMO adventures, but I'll save that for a future post. These LJ entries are getting way too long =P

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There is really such a thing as too much free time...

Due to clients going on a holiday and work not providing me with replacement clients (even tho I asked my boss for extra hours, willing to work full shifts), I had a lot of extra time to spend on hobbies. It should make me happy, but it just saddens me, as I could really use the money for my upcoming studies in September. It's a fulltime 4 year course, so I won't be able to have a job anymore, unless I find something on Saturdays.

But even MMO's get boring when you play them a lot. There isn't much left to do in WoW. Caught all the wild pets, don't feel like leveling more alts. So I'm mainly just logging to raid 3 evenings with the guild, slowly killing new bosses. For some reason everyone is sending me RealID requests...which all get ignored. I like some privacy, thank you very much. Only got a handfull of people on my RealID, mostly lapdogs fellow officers of my guild and some those friends whom tend to be altoholics themselves, thus won't constantly bother me when I am playing on an alt. I really don't mind helping people out...but if the first thing you see when you log in is someone asking you to help with stuff...it gets tiresome fast.

Played Aion briefly, got ganked by max level Asmodians, logged out again. Did have some fun decorating my ingame studio, crafting furniture. Spend some time in Rift, my Bard is level 47 now. It's quite fun climbing mountains to find treasure, fishing spots. Fished up quite some furniture and boats for my house in my dimension O.o Yep, I am addicted to decorating my house in Aion/Rift.

Went to the yearly book market in my city with a friend. It was the first time I ever went there, despite the fact said market has been around for 14 years or so! It was quite fun trying to find the books we were looking for, not too expensive and in a good condition. We ended up spending 5 hours browsing all the (supposedly) 600 stalls! The weather was lovely, so instead of traveling by bus, we went by bike.

I bought:
~ Mists of Avalon - Marion Bradley Zimmer
~ The Forest House - Marion Bradley Zimmer
~ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling
~ Animatrix on Bluray (some guy sold a lot of Blurays for 5 euros a piece O.o)

And it only cost me 25 euros tops.

The books are translated into Dutch, which may seem odd for someone whom tends to read only English books nowadays, but I got a good reason for it. As a teen I read Mists of Avalon about 10-15 years ago. I ran out of fantasy/sci-fi books to read in the teenager section of the library, so I went to the adult section instead. And so I found a 950 page book about the Arthurian legends...but from the perspective of various female characters (such as Morgaine/Morgan Le Fay). I loved it. Now that I got a copy of my own, I definately plan on reading it again. I honestly hope the book will still impress me in the same way as it did all those years ago. It would be a shame if my memories of said book are just a case of rose tinted glasses... I plan on collecting the other Avalon books as well, hence why I got The Forest House (I bought Priestess of Avalon shortly after reading Mists, years ago).

As for the Harry Potter book...I started reading these books in Dutch as a teen as well. After the Goblet of Fire I couldn't stand the 3 month or so delay for the book to be translated to Dutch, so I switched to the English version. Did end up buying Halfblood Prince in Dutch later on, but never the last book. So picked up a cheap copy of said book to complete the collection! Now the proud owner of the entire series in Dutch and the entire English series in a fancy box! I very much prefer the creative cover art of the Dutch books tho.

So yeah, more books to read, huzzah! I'll add a booklist in my next entry, as I already spend way too much time typing this one =P

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MMO revisited: Rift

Another LJ entry? Madness! Blame work musings inspiring me and dusting off a 10 year old Elisabeth musical OST cd. Been on repeat for the 3rd time now, singing along loudly. Stanley Burleson and Pia Douwes, you are awesome. I may prefer English versions of musicals nowadays, but the Dutch classics of said musicals are the ones that introduced me to this wonderful genre, so it's hard to dislike the version you grew up with. I can pretty much dream the lyrics of Elisabeth and The Phantom of the Opera in Dutch =P

Anyways, as Rift has gone free to play, I reinstalled the game, moved my chars to a new server (as my old server got turned into a Trial Server). Plenty of people around, already had random guild invites from people, resulting in promptly turning on 'decline all guild invites', as random invites out of nowhere are annoying as hell. Seems I got various gifts for being a veteran player with 3-4 months paid subscription. Hurrah for a free horsey, saves me quite some platinum for a faster mount. Also got myself a cosy lil' house in some desert location, with an oasis. It's quite fun to decorate it with all kinds of stuff. It's pretty interesting to visit the creations of other people too. Some spend hours/days building entire docks/bars!

My two main characters would be these ladies. Why yes, I like dwarves. Most of the humans and elves are too dull in design. Female dwarves are so cute and cuddly!

There is my rogue, whom is specialized as a Battle Bard. Playing tunes, keeping up various buffs/debuffs. Stealthing around when needed, bashing mobs with my regular weapons when they get close or even with my bow and arrow. It may not be a huge dps role, but for group play in instances, rifts and battlegrounds, it's awesome. Recently got myself a second spec that focusses more on ranged dps with bow and arrow and a pet as support, but haven't tested it yet, aside from setting up the spells on my interface.

My other dwarf is mage, specialized as a Chloromancer, which is basically healing by damaging mobs with nature spells. It does have some some direct healing spells, but they tend to be single target or got a pretty long cooldown. It's a challenging spec to master, especially in battlegrounds it feels like I am terrible player, but can't be arsed to worry about that, as I am only in the level 30 range anyways, so many talents haven't been unlocked yet.

I got some other characters in the the level 20 range, but still experimenting with various specs. That's what I like about Rift, there are so many talent builds to try. I am pretty sure that at the max level there are some popular raiding talent builds, but since I am unguilded and no plans to try raiding atm, I am not too worried about that either.

There are various ways to level up in Rift. You got questing, which is fun for those whom like lore and exploring new areas. Nowadays it's not the fastest way to level, but it does give plenty of gear upgrades, reputation and money. While questing, you will often run into rifts. Said rifts come in many varations, all the elements are present, each offering their own kinds of mobs and challenges. The minor ones can be soloed if you play smart, the major ones got elites mixed in, requiring group play. Rewards for closing a rift are some planarite (a common currency to buy blue/purple quality gear upgrades) some consumables and some experience. You can avoid these rifts if you want, but they can be pretty fun to break up the monotone gameplay of questing. Especially the giant rift invasions that take over the entire zone can be quite epic, resulting in 10-30 man raids, depending on how populated the zone is at the moment. And you don't even need to ask for an invite, it goes all automatic with a button popup if you wish to join the raidgroup.

There are dungeons, which can be queued for with the help of the looking for group tool. It can be pretty interesting, but the wait times for damage dealers can be up to 1 hour, making it a rather unreliable way to gain experience as a solo player. The quality of said groups can also vary. Said zones tend to be nicely designed tho, so it's certainly worth checking it out.

One of the newer ways to level is through Instant Adventures. You queue for a random adventure, get a popup and then you simply get teleported to the zone, where you follow the instructions on your screen on what do to. Kill some mobs, plant some flowers, catch some cows, kill a big nasty enemy...the map shows you where to go, it's pretty much a nobrainer. It's fast and random, awards the best experience out of all leveling options and completing the final objective of an adventure awards a lootbox with a random greenie/blue for your class and other potential rewards.

The final way to level is through Warfronts, aka player versus player battlegrounds. It may not be for everyone, as the group you end up with can be either people whom actually know what to do, or end up with a bunch of braindead monkeys, making you want to ragequit. Winning your first 7 random Warfronts each week awards you an equipment box with blue quality gear tho, so it's a pretty nice way to get some gear, if you are unlucky with dungeon drops. You also gain some valor to buy gear from pvp vendors. The experience from winning a Warfront is quite high too.

Now you may wonder, with so many ways to level, won't you level up too fast? Yes, you certainly level too fast in the 1-50 range. However, there is this wonderful Mentor tool nowadays, which allows you to lower your level (all the way down to 10, if you wish) simply by rightclicking your portrait and selecting said option. It allows you to still do that level 15-20 dungeon even if you are level 40, your stats and attacks will be scaled down to a proper level, while still keeping all your abilities and keeping your gear. For Instant Adventures you even automatically get scaled down to a proper level the moment you arrive in the zone, while still gaining rewards for your true level. It keeps stuff fun and challenging.

The last 10 levels to 60 however, are slow. I haven't hit said level range yet, but on the forum there seem to be many people complaining how long it takes. Supposedly level 50 to 60 takes just as long as 1-50 does. Heaven forbid that it takes more than just sneezing to gain a level! Kids these days are really spoiled. Why the need to rush? There are so many zones to explore, treasures to collect, puzzles to solve. The zones are gorgeous, not surreal like Aion, but got a certain realism instead. The colors tends to be more muted, but at least they actually got a day/night cycle and weather changes, unlike some MMO.

Er...realism as far as it goes, with elemental rifts, spraklehorses and fairies =P

And for the multitaskers among us, there are plenty of professions to level. The basic gathering and crafting professions, some secondary classes like fishing and cooking. Only 3 primary professions are allowed, but you can purchase more through the Rift Store. It's not really a musthave, but at certain profession levels you unlock titles. So yeah, it all depens on how badly of a completionist you are.

The eating animation is rather adorable, btw. Speaking of titles...the game has achievements as well. They award all kinds of things. Completing artifact collections also award coins, which can be used to purchace some pets and mounts. In other words, questing and exploring is certainly worth if you love achievements!

So, what's the deal with the Free to Play status? What are the limitations? Well, surprisingly it allows you to play the entire game (as far as I can tell, it's hard to check the difference when you got a Veteran status yourself). It seems you cannot sell on the auctionhouse (but you can buy and you can use the trade channel to advertise your sales), you got a limit on the amount of currency you can have, you can only have 2 character slots, only 3 bag slots. By simply purchasing goods worth 5 euros in the Rift store, some of these limits are gone tho. Purchasing the original game for 20-25ish euro unlocks all except the Storm Legion expansion classes.

In other words, this is one of the best free to play MMO games out there, with barely any limitations. If you feel trying out a new MMO, do give this one a try. There is no unwanted pvp. While there are two factions, which was a pretty big deal on launch day (story wise), nowadays you can group up with the opposite faction to do stuff. I have been told that you can even join each others guilds, but haven't personally tested it. You just cannot enter the city of the other faction without getting murdered by the NPCs, nor will the NPCs of the other faction offer you any quests in most zones (50-60 range is neutral for both factions tho).

I really should stop writing these huge posts, it takes hours of editing it over and over again (I hate being a perfectionist sometimes). Sorry for the wall of text, but it didn't feel right to hide these posts behind a LJ-cut. Not many interesting MMO left to write about tho!

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