There is really such a thing as too much free time...

Due to clients going on a holiday and work not providing me with replacement clients (even tho I asked my boss for extra hours, willing to work full shifts), I had a lot of extra time to spend on hobbies. It should make me happy, but it just saddens me, as I could really use the money for my upcoming studies in September. It's a fulltime 4 year course, so I won't be able to have a job anymore, unless I find something on Saturdays.

But even MMO's get boring when you play them a lot. There isn't much left to do in WoW. Caught all the wild pets, don't feel like leveling more alts. So I'm mainly just logging to raid 3 evenings with the guild, slowly killing new bosses. For some reason everyone is sending me RealID requests...which all get ignored. I like some privacy, thank you very much. Only got a handfull of people on my RealID, mostly lapdogs fellow officers of my guild and some those friends whom tend to be altoholics themselves, thus won't constantly bother me when I am playing on an alt. I really don't mind helping people out...but if the first thing you see when you log in is someone asking you to help with gets tiresome fast.

Played Aion briefly, got ganked by max level Asmodians, logged out again. Did have some fun decorating my ingame studio, crafting furniture. Spend some time in Rift, my Bard is level 47 now. It's quite fun climbing mountains to find treasure, fishing spots. Fished up quite some furniture and boats for my house in my dimension O.o Yep, I am addicted to decorating my house in Aion/Rift.

Went to the yearly book market in my city with a friend. It was the first time I ever went there, despite the fact said market has been around for 14 years or so! It was quite fun trying to find the books we were looking for, not too expensive and in a good condition. We ended up spending 5 hours browsing all the (supposedly) 600 stalls! The weather was lovely, so instead of traveling by bus, we went by bike.

I bought:
~ Mists of Avalon - Marion Bradley Zimmer
~ The Forest House - Marion Bradley Zimmer
~ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling
~ Animatrix on Bluray (some guy sold a lot of Blurays for 5 euros a piece O.o)

And it only cost me 25 euros tops.

The books are translated into Dutch, which may seem odd for someone whom tends to read only English books nowadays, but I got a good reason for it. As a teen I read Mists of Avalon about 10-15 years ago. I ran out of fantasy/sci-fi books to read in the teenager section of the library, so I went to the adult section instead. And so I found a 950 page book about the Arthurian legends...but from the perspective of various female characters (such as Morgaine/Morgan Le Fay). I loved it. Now that I got a copy of my own, I definately plan on reading it again. I honestly hope the book will still impress me in the same way as it did all those years ago. It would be a shame if my memories of said book are just a case of rose tinted glasses... I plan on collecting the other Avalon books as well, hence why I got The Forest House (I bought Priestess of Avalon shortly after reading Mists, years ago).

As for the Harry Potter book...I started reading these books in Dutch as a teen as well. After the Goblet of Fire I couldn't stand the 3 month or so delay for the book to be translated to Dutch, so I switched to the English version. Did end up buying Halfblood Prince in Dutch later on, but never the last book. So picked up a cheap copy of said book to complete the collection! Now the proud owner of the entire series in Dutch and the entire English series in a fancy box! I very much prefer the creative cover art of the Dutch books tho.

So yeah, more books to read, huzzah! I'll add a booklist in my next entry, as I already spend way too much time typing this one =P

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It really sucks you can't find more work =/

Those books are great! Lately I've been reading more Dutch books, too, although they're native Dutch books. Our little language has its own charm, too! ;)