Melting, halp!

Why yes, I am still alive, but the bloody warm weather is doing an excellent job at making me melt. My bedroom is at the top floor, just under the roof. The sun also goes down at my side of the house, so it becomes really warm around 6-8 PM. Window open at max, curtain closed and the fan on max, which makes the entire ordeal somewhat managable during raiding times in WoW. During daytime I am spending a lot of time downstairs tho, as it's a lot cooler over there. The humid weather is no good for my knees either, they ache like hell and recently my wrist joints have joined the 'fun' as well. Walking for 1 hour in the outdoors this weekend seems to help a bit, but it's really too warm today to spend any time longer than that, even with sunblock on. Not to mention all the people on bicycles being idiots, forcing me off the road. It's a shared road for pedestrians and bikers, darn it! I am even walking on the left side, allowing them to easily move around me, but noooo....

Am currently preparing for college, bought a brand new laptop (it's required to have one, as they ditched all PCs at the ICT building, because people all had their own laptop anyways). Most people declared me mad for spending so much money on it, but my 5 year old PC is slowly dying and this laptop has to last at least 4 years of ICT classes, some requiring Media Design software as well. So I got a laptop whom can play MMO games on high/ultra graphics now (instead of low/medium a best), while also able to handle all the software requirements I may need in the future. It's a win/win situation for me really.

My first WoW 25man raid on Raid Finder was unreal. I have been so used to spell effects toned down, that seeing all those spell effects at high detail was causing a visual overload, distracting me constantly O.o It also made me realise that Blizz needs to tone down some of the spell effects that come with trinket/tier set procs. Back in earlier expansions I could still see myself when standing in melee range. Nowadays there is an overkill of pets or spawned mobs that fight for you for 10-30 sec upon proccing.

Been to the Manga exhibit in Rotterdam with aien_hime, which was awesome. Beautiful drawings, a nice summary of its history. I actually learned some new stuff. I especially loved that they mentioned how some of the artists were inspired by Dutch artists. Never realised that COBRA inspired so many people. Ended up buying the art book with pics of the exhibit. I just had to get it.

Also visited a good friend of mine. There is currently a weekly summer fair/market in his city and I just had to check it out, as they sell many books, games and toys. Found 6 gen 1 ponies! Sadly some had their hair cut, but I just couldn't leave them there. I actually only own one of these, so hurrah for new ponies! Also found one of the Thea Beckman books I have been looking for. My friend found the first part of the trilogy 2 weeks ago, the book I purchased is part 2, so the only one I am missing now is part 3. I really should read them again, but still so many books to read.

Ended up watching Pacific Rim with said friend too. The mechas Jaegers were simply amazing, loved the way they were controlled. Really, the possibilties of this world/future are endless, I keep daydreaming about it during chores/work. The choice of music was nice too, not over the top, despite the heavy use of electric guitars. The characters were alright, not amazing like Marvel ones, but that's not too surprising, considering the Marvel universe got a vast background story (thanks to the comics and the movies), not to mention various well known actors. But the plotholes and the decisions some of the chars made, it was pretty bad. Me and my friend ended up facepalming and lol-ing several times XD. Despite those silly moments, it was an entertaining movie which I will definately get on Bluray at some point, if only to squee at the awesomeness of the mechas/tech.

I could write some more about my recent MMO adventures, but I'll save that for a future post. These LJ entries are getting way too long =P

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The Manga Exhibit was fun! I really enjoyed it =)

As for Pacific Rim... I didn't really expect a plot at all, lol. I just got all high over the Mecha action and I missed any plot hole there may have been ;)