Obligatory I am alive post

Yush, I am still alive. Just very busy with my new IT studies. For those not informed yet: I was barely getting any working hours at my job and they were treating me like crap, so I decided to go back to school, doing something I truly enjoy. In fact, I already passed my first year and will be starting my 2nd year of IT & Media Design next week. More about that next time. I promised a certain someone to update my LJ, so here I am!

So...I quit WoW for the time being. Guild is pretty much falling apart and it feels like I am raiding with lemmings. I actually had more progress in raiding with a group of complete strangers than my very own guildies. I'll prolly be back for the 10 year anniversary to check out the revamped Molten Core and to get the mount and pet, then cancel my account again till the expansion. That is, if I end up playing the expansion at all. I am still unsure. Thankfully, I got invited to test the Warlords of Draenor beta (also known as: Yet Another Orc Themed Expansion). This post will be about the updated character models. Blizzard has really tried to stay true to the original designs. Fore some races this has been very succesful, for others it has been a tad disappointing. A sneakpeak of what my priest looks like now:

The before and afer pics of my priest. Overal it has been quite a nice update, tho what bothers me most are the eyes. New!Maru looks so much tired/older with those shadows around her eyes. Old!Maru seems so much more friendly to me. It's pretty darn hard to consider this updated version to be the very same priest I have been playing for 8ish years as my main!

As you can see from the back, some stuff scales differently now. Especially the shoulders tend to have gotten either bigged or moved further apart or up/down. And look at that hair!

Nelfs got a major revamp too. One I personally do not like much. My druid looks bitchy, suddenly has purple-ish lipstick and face markins went from blue to some weird aqua color.

The hair isn't too bad, suppose. The weapon placement is still a bit odd. Pose looks a more natural, less stiff.

The original draenei model has been bugged for ages, so apologies for the weird looking eyes. Shoulder is floating weird still and not a fan of the shadows around the eyes, it makes her look tired. As with all model updates, especially the hair got huge boost in the pixel/detail department.

I personally prefer the old style ponytail, but suppose the new one isn't too bad either.

Hot damn, look at those tauren changes! The only issue I got with the update is that the tabard is now displaying weirdly, all stretched horizontally.

Emotes got an update too. My priest actually seems to have fun now.

Reading mail / checking the map is also serious business now. Tho I am not sure if it's wise to talk out loud while doing so =P

Getting the screenshots and editing was a pain! I'll see if I can add some more model updates next time. The beta servers have been unstable lately, making it a pain to get some proper screenshots. And yes, I am aware it is a bit weird to announce I quit playing WoW, only to end up playing/testing the beta version. Not even sure if I can really can call it playing, as I am mostly logging to check out my garrison for mission updates =P

So yeah, I am still alive. More about the IRL updates and new fandoms in next post. Summer vacaction allowed to me check out new sherlockisawesomesquee stuff.

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Holy wow, Maru sure looks different. Hardly recognizable. What a shame, I like all the other upgrades. I sure hope Hachiko doesn't change that much. Maru looks about ten years older! (Well, that makes sense I suppose, lol).

Glad to have ya back at LJ =D I will keep poking for the posts =P
While I am happy Maru has gained more personality (just look at those emotes!), when she's just standing there it just doesn't feel like her anymore. Tho I suppose if you consider she is 8 now, the aging would make sense =P Maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it or something...or in the worst case scenario, you can turn the new character models off in the graphics settings.

Granted, I still enjoy playing said character on beta, even if though Disc is once again a joke, no serious raider is even considering that spec on all the livestreams I have seen =( I have been mostly playing as shadow as a result, which thankfully hasn't changed that much despite the item squish and ability purge.

I'll add more pics of the human females next time. Minny actually looks nice and my paladin doesn't look too bad either. And some of the human male options...daaaang. Some look like a mix of Thor and Cap O.o