Ugh, headache...

Just a quick post to prove once again I am still alive. Been having killer headaches the past few days randomly, so didn't really feel like updating my LJ, or doing anything besides lying down, reading fanfics on my phone.

Class has been random, occasionally frustrating after finding out half of my classmates has never seen The Matrix. Then I found out several didn't see Lord of the Rings either and one female classmate dislikes all superhero movies, except Batman ones (and only because of Heath Ledger).  Seriously, what's wrong with that generation? It's kinda mandatory to at least have seen the first Matrix movie as an IT student, especially an Media Design one! Bloody kids...

That being said, went to Amsterdam with aien_hime yesterday, for a double belated (hers and mine) birthday celebration. Saw Guardians of the Galaxy for the second time (which is AWESOME, my inner nerdgirl went squee at the air battle) and had sushi for lunch/dinner. They had some very yummy and original sushi variations. Had a great time, even tho Amsterdam really ain't my kind of city. Way too many tourists and retarded people getting in my way.

Well, back to enjoying my killer headache again.

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