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A couple of weeks ago I hit a new age mark. I thought I would be utterly miserable about it, due to the whole social pressure stuff (get boyfriend, get a place to live together, marry, babies, etc.). You see, all my cousins/nieces of my age range got this stuff ages ago, which kinda makes you wonder if you are doing the entire thing wrong.  But then I realized I really can’t compare myself to them. I did most of my education at the highest level. Out of my 10 or so cousins, only one did HBO/University level education after High School. When they finished their education, I was still busy with mine.

Now that I got my propaedeutic diploma for IT & Media Design, I really can’t be arsed to care anymore what others think about my social status. I happy the way I am, what I have achieved in only 1 year and I can’t  wait to find out what I else I will learn in the next 3 years, till I can call myself Bachelor of IT & Media Design (or possibly IT & Digitial Publishing, if I decide to specialize in that course instead).

This mindset ain’t the only lifestyle change tho. It also has changed the way I spend what little free time I have left. One of my teachers wasn’t joking that studying IT kills off the drive to play video games. I used to play several MMO games, but nowadays the only game I really play is some short sessions in Diablo III. My World of Warcraft account expired a month ago and quite frankly, I ain’t really missing it. I barely had anyone left to play with, the raids I had with my guildies really were downright terrible. It just made me very annoyed that people couldn’t follow simple instructions and their performance was below average. So when I announced my departure from the game for the time being (I might subscribe briefly for the 10th anniversary of WoW), barely anyone responded and simply left the guild to join a different one. So much for loyalty eh? I spend so many years trying to keep the damned guild alive (with the help of 2-3 others).

I just do not have the patience anymore to deal with idiots, so it’s mostly about single player games nowadays (or games that allow a single player, with the possibility of adding more players). Rhythm games are still one of my favorite gaming genres (currently very much obsessed with Love Live School Project on the tablet). I am picking up Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS next Friday as well.

Aside from gaming I am also spending a lot of time reading. Got myself a Goodreads account after a certain someone bullied poked me to get one, to remind myself I still got like 15 books waiting to be read (fanfics are just so delicious, especially since I discovered AO3). Been trying to finish this one Warcraft book for months...but just is so blah to read. I am just too stubborn to give it up, as it's part of the Warcraft Lore. Yeah, despite having stopped playing the MMO, I still very much love the lore.

So yeah, maybe I am finally growing up =P

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Grown up Maru! Noes! =P

Nah, just kidding hun! I think it's awesome what you managed to achieve the past year and how you're growing, both with your studies and mentally. You seem so much more stable nowadays =) Don't let your family pressure you into feeling bad about your choices. It's amazing how you chose this for yourself. It's so important to be able to take care of yourself and to do the things you love. Boyfriends/living in your own/babies/whatever will come in time =)

And yeah. I guess after so long WoW starts to become boring, even without all the weird choices Blizz is making and failing guildies. You've been playing it for 8 years, that's a very long time. At some point it's just time to move on, I guess!
Thankies =) My close family is quite understanding, but it feels like the family on my mothers' side is the one criticizing me. Maybe not directly, but the questions they ask at times sorta give that vibe.