Yesterday morning I was on my way to class, on my way to my 2nd train (the first train I take doesn't stop at my destination, thus I need to switch over to a different one halfway), only to suddenly to find myself falling. Managed to get my hands out to prevent major damage, but still hit the ground with my knees. I don't recall being pushed in the mass of fellow travelers, no miss-stepping either, or the usual ankle getting wobbly. Two scraped knees, a hurting left palm and feeling a tad silly, I still managed to get to school. Thankfully two random strangers were quick to get me up and check if I was alright. At the end of my school day my knees where black and blue and my hand slightly swollen, but it was still doable. However, in the evening I also felt my left ankle hurting, so I guess I twisted it after all, while I fell down or something.... Defo not wearing my ankle length boots for a while, seems I only got more wobbly ever since I got those boots.

Because I only have 2 hours of class today, I decided to take the day off. Thankfully the teachers are quite understanding when it comes to such things, as long as you finish all assignments. Not going to risk stressing said ankle by 1,5 hours of travel by bike, walking, train and bus. Not to mention the many stairs I have to take... So here I am, doing a laptop maintenance, updating online games and such and writing this LJ post =P

Class has been alright, some boring as hell, other quite entertaining and even usefull. Counting down till my autumn holiday (week off, hoo!) tho, as I got way too many deadlines. It will be nice to relax a bit, only worrying about 1 deadline for PHP. Still haven't read anything new but fanfiction, thanks to this madness. Did get Super Smash Bros for the 3DS, which is quite fun, tho I am sad that there is no story mode like Subspace Emissary on the Wii version =( The online battling works surprisingly well, resulting into 1,5 hours of battling versus a friend, both utterly failing at mastering the new characters/moves. The lack of chat makes it less interactive tho, so we ended up booting up Skype to talk while playing.

Well, suppose I should do some homework now, but first...coffee!

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Oh no! Glad to hear you're mostly okay. Smart to stay home for the day! When is your holiday?

I heard you got your ass kicked in SSBM =P
18-25 of october.

As for getting my ass kicked, nothing new there, the usual falling to my death and laughing too much to take it serious. I mean, at some point we ended up comparing Rosalina to Elsa, resulting into singing 'Let it go'. So yeah =P