Ohai, remember me?

So I may have forgotten about my LJ…whoops? I sorta moved on to non-blogging related stuff, lurking/reposting on Tumblr (all your fault aien_hime). It’s just so…many pics/gifs to satisfy my fangirl needs! And it works quite lovely as an app on my new Samsung Tab3 Lite too (got it for free with my new smartphone, old one died :( ). I suppose Tumblr is technically a blog too, but yeah…no big walls of texts for me over there.

Anyways, graduated my 2nd year IT & Media Design and am doing an internship till January. It was really a pain in the arse to find something. I had to find a company myself, apply and hope to be invited for an interview. I got about 15 declines (not what we are looking for, not looking for an intern, nevermind that their sites still showed a bloody job opening…blablah), till one of my teachers forwarded an email from a company being in desperate need of an intern. Applied, went to the interview and to see if I liked the company. It was really nice and relaxed and I got accepted the very same day :) Officially internship stuff starts at September 1, but since they got various projects going on, they wanted me ASAP. So I have been an intern at FRTRSS (pronounced “Fortress”) in Amsterdam as of August 10.

Aside from school related stuff, I got myself an Etsy account, because why not. Bought some nerd themed jewelry, realized it’s better to spend my money on actual silver jewelry and not silver plated, unless I want to coat it all in transparent nail polish. My first necklace is turning pink at the edges, thanks to the hot weather we had a couple of weeks ago, yay for sweat ruining it. Thankfully didn’t spend too much on said jewelry, but still…

Started watching some new series, finished some. To summarize the main ones in no particular order:

Agent Carter (Finished)
Loved it. Unlike Agents of Shield the pace is a lot faster. The characters are likeable and it has kickass women. I like it how Stark Tech has been integrated in a post-WW2 era.

Sherlock (Finished)
I already was a fan of the movie adaption with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, the chemistry between the two was awesome. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman manage to do the same, in a modern setting. I might be a Johnlock fangirl =P Also a big fan of BBC’s Lestrade! As a Media Designer I love the way fonts/texts are displayed (floating text, whee!).

Doctor Who (S2, episode 11)
I have been wanting to watch this for ages, but the amount of episodes/seasons available kinda scared me. Saw the first episode months ago and was all ‘eh’. A friend of mine watched all of it up to the newest Doctor and finally managed to convince me to start watching it together, assuring me it gets better after a couple of episodes. Turned out he was right. Both the 9th (Christopher Eccleston) and 10th (David Tennant) Doctor are awesome in their own way, especially loved the interaction with 9th Doctor and Rose. Yay for Netflix having series and specials available!

Teen Wolf (S4, episode 11)
After seeing this series appear many times on Archive of our Own, and aien_hime having mentioned it a couple of times, I decided to give it a go, as it was (mostly) available on Netflix anyways. Gods, it’s definitely meant for MTV audience =P The whole highschool teenager turned werewolf, falling in love with the daughter of a werewolf/supernatural hunter family stuff is so cliché. Despite that, it’s quite entertaining. I especially like Stiles and his dad. Derek also an interesting character, tho his interaction with some females in later seasons are…argh.

Let’s see…what else….big renovation going on. Both my bedroom and the spare one got new laminate flooring, ceilings and woodwork got new paint and the walls in one of the rooms got new wallpaper. It’s been 15 years since last time, so yeah it was definitely needed. Will also be getting 2 new bookcases, so hopefully I can finally fit all my books!

That’s about it I guess. I’ll dedicate a different post to my current gaming stuffs in a future posts, unless I forget to update again =P

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Oh hai! Welcome back, again!

Yeah, Etsy is full of fun cheap things, but yeah. It's often cheap for a reason. I still love Etsy, though! :3