MMO revisited - Additional Aion Musings

After talking to various people about Aion, I realised that a lot of them still seem to think that it's the same game as it was on release day. There actually has been changes that improved the gameplay. The game still has various flaws, but it's entertaining for a free to play game.

Aion has this feel and look that cannot be properly described with words. Above screenshot was made while flying around in the Abyss. It was one of those 'wow' moments where you stop whatever you were doing (questing, in our case) to admire the view.

Another interesting thing: your character reacts on the environment when idle. Imagine my surprise when it started raining and my character pulled out a leaf-umbrella. Or when I was standing in water and my character started playing with said water. Pulling out a fan to cool herself down when standing in a desert. These small things made my chacter feel more alive than many of my previous mmo-characters.

Back in the day, it was pretty punishing to die, as it would cost quite some kinah to restore your lost exp. However, quest rewards give a lot more money now. They also now have gifts when you hit certain levels, awarding you with buff scrolls, potions, armor and even weapons. They certainly help a lot with the leveling/questing. Some of the classes got tweaked too. Spiritmaster pets now can fly with you, instead of derping uselessly on the ground.

Traveling can be a tad slow. Aion has no mounts. Well, sort of. Patch 3.0 did introduce some mounts, but they are too expensive for the casual player to buy, so not much to tell about that. The one mount I got to test for 15ish minute for a quest was pretty fast tho. So basically everything is done by walking, flightpaths, flying (with those spiffy wings you gain after completing the starter zone). Most zones tend to only have flying around the main city tho, but with some clever use of hills and such, you can still use your wings to glide around. It's tricky to master tho. The Abyss is the only place where you can pretty much fly everywhere. Also, you can use walkspeed scrolls to make traveling a tad less bothersome.

Personally I have always been a fan of crafting and gathering in this game. Gathering gives experience too, so spending time traveling around to various nodes isn't too much of a waste of time. Even crafting gives some experience. Aethertapping, aka gathering the crystals in the air may not be for everyone tho, as your flying is on a timer. Especially as a lowbie with your basic wings and no flight time/speed boosts, it can be pretty frustrating. Even without gathering you can level your crafting professions with vendor bought items, doing work orders. Just queue a new work order and tab out of the game to do something else. Be careful tho with newly unlocked craftables, they got a chance to fail, meaning no skillup and wasted mats. Doing 5-10 more skillups with a previous craftable tends to do to do the trick to get out of that dangerzone tho.

That's one major annoyance in Aion. Stuff can fail. Besides crafting and gathering, gemming your gear can fail too. The more gems you add, the higher the chance. It's utterly frustrating to have a nice piece of gear with 4 sockets, gemming 3 succesfully, but the 4th fails, destroying all your gems in the process. There are items you can apply to prevent this, but they are expensive, so it's not worth it on leveling gear...

The other downside is that in the end, this is an mmo where pvp is pretty common. It means that there is a chance you can get ganked by the other faction. There are some tricks to somewhat avoid it tho. Most players made an extra chat window, where they turn on all the spells/abilities cast by nearby players, using a bright red font for the text. Whenever an enemy player nearby casts anything, it will show up on that chat, allowing you to either prepare for battle or run away to the nearest town =P My overall experience with the pvp stuff hasn't been too bad so far, I even dared to go into enemy territory for some spy/infiltration quests. It also tends to help that the game isn't that popular anymore, so the chance you run into an enemy player is pretty low. Unless you rolled your Elyos on a popular server for Asmodians (or the other way around), then it might be a bit more troublesome to deal with the enemy. Checking the forums for the Elyos/Asmodian ratio usually does the trick to prevent this issue.

In the end tho, despite the bad stuff, I had lots of fun in this game. At some point I may try it again, it's a lot more fun if you got a friend to level with too. The emotes are rathering lolworthy. Plenty of silly costumes too. And companion pets! Pets that do emotes when you play with them, some pets even loot stuff for you, other pets offer extra bag slots on demand. But even for solo play there are various things to do. You got solo instances, the earliest one being in the 18-22 level range, which can be done once a day, doable by each class. You get to beat up mobs, do some quests while you are at it and you get some gear too, some usable as a template to copy on armor/weapons.

Should you ever get bored of other MMO, give it a go. Even in it's free to play form, you got 2 char slots (more for gold status and veterans). If you buy a gold status for a month, you get additional perma chars slots. Be warned tho, it's not 2 per server, but for your entire account! There are some other restrictions, but honestly don't know what those are, as I got a veteran account (playing since launch day, original game, yadda yadda), thus barely any restrictions.

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Videogames Revisited: Aion

With the announcement of a new expansion patch for Aion in August, introducing new content, including 2 new classes, I figured it was time to reinstall the game again to see if my chars were still around. The moment I entered the big city, my chat immediately got flooded by /yell gold spammers. Home sweet home, gold sellers included.

I didn't really feel like playing the actual game (even tho Chanter class is one of the best designed classes I ever played in an MMO), due to being it so grindy at the higher levels, but just admiring the gear people are wearing is just as fun as well. Despite the fact the game is several years old, some of the designs are simply gorgeous. And it's also quite interesting to see the differences between the two factions, Elyos and Asmodian.

Look at that shirt, isn't it purrty? This would be my Elyos chanter.

Elyos and Asmodian comparison picsCollapse )

Seriously tho, the Bard class, I HAVE to try it out when 4.0 is released. It's so cute and sparkly!
Gunner seems interesting as well, even tho the huge guns and the more Trigun themed outfits seem sort of out of place in as game like Aion.

Expect other Videogames Revisited posts soon, I sort of got bored.

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Chores and music

Ever seen one of those movies or tv series where some dude is mopping the floor, while being clueless about his surroundings, due to being distracted by the music on his walkman/discman? I am like that when I do my chores at home and noone is watching. Hip shaking and headbanging included. Occasionally humming or even singing. It probably looks quite amusing, but I honestly don't care. I lurve my mp3-player, it makes travel and chores so much more fun. My mp3-player may be somewhat ancient compared to those fancy devices nowadays, but it still works just fine. I went through 4 headsets tho, my current Sennheiser one having died partly one week ago, thus temporally using the ones of my smartphone (because having no stereo sound sucks). But gawd, they are so no comfortable and the sound is simply terrible. Four more days till my trip to the north of the country for a cinema visit (want to see Epic in full 3D glory and it's my turn to visit a certain friend) and shopping trip for a new headset.

The Skinfish Spa was an awesome experience btw. The first few minutes were a tad scary with the fish swarming to nibble/vacume my feet and legs. But eventually it starts to feel like you are sitting in jacuzzi, with the occasional ticklish feeling when they nibble at sensitive part. They also had a chair/basin combo for the hands, it was certainly interesting. The weather was excellent, with the roof windows providing a gentle wind. We had the entire attic for the three of us as well, so we had 2,5 hours to do whatever we wanted to do, not worry about other people wanting to try the massage chairs/sofas as well. Wasn't that impressed by those, but suppose it was nice to try.

Better get a coffee before I have to log for raid in WoW. 8% health wipe on a certain turtle boss, close.

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Fishy does omnomnom

My sister is the kind of person whom loves going to wellnesscentres. Usually she does this stuff with one of her friends, but since one of her fave places had a nice discount for a 2,5 hour Skinfish Spa thingy and mothers day was coming up soon, she suggested we should do have a mother/daughters day. Now I have always been one wanting to try some sort of Spa thing, but it tends to be too yay for discounts! So today at 13.00, there will be teeny tiny fish omnomnonomsing my hands and feet, while enjoying a nice cappuccino with apple pie and a smoothie. And some sort of massage chairs/sofa thingies apparantly.

Also finally decided what school I'll be having my 4 year ICT Media Design course. Already signed up and got most of the paperwork done. It's quite amusing to see how the whole signup stuff went from snailmailing stuff to the uni to just uploading everything online 10 years later. All that is left is an actual meeting, where they try to find out if the course is right one for you and some other stuff like being motivated, which is also something new, but not too surprising with the changes the government made concerning the high fail rate of uni/college students.

I am actually quite excited to go back to college, doing something completely new. Life hasn't been too interesting lately, with my current job cutting away my working hours in favor of younger employees, not to mention lowering my salary.  It's just not worth it. The downside is that I will have to pay for college myself now, no government moneys to compensate. I will also a need a laptop. Not just any laptop, but one that will last some years, high performance...and those are expensive. But it will be so worth it. My 6 year old pc just can't handle the graphic stuff anymore. Tera loves to randomly crash on me, whenever I do 25man raids or a world boss in WoW I need to put various graphic sliders to low, just to make it somewhat playable...and even then some bosses are a slideshow for me. Thankfully my guild does 10man raids, which are still doable, aside from the game occassionally freezing on me randomly. I won't fully retire my pc (I love my Logitech MX518 mouse and G15 keyboard way too much), as it's still working fine for older games and Photoshop and watching anime.

Oh dear, look at the time. I better get ready for the fishies!

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Rain, rain, go away...

The weather has been terrible all week and it is seriously starting to ruin my mood. I can handle cold and windy weather, but constant rain... I can't go out to walk, making me restless beyond words. At least I have been fairly lucky with the lack of rain in the mornings on my way to work. Traveling by bike has it downsides, arriving all soaked isn't exactly my idea of starting my day at work. I could wear a raincoat and pants, but by the time I finally got the bloody things on I am already at work.

Figured I could do some stuff on my pc, but it appears Jerry stole my seat again. For some reason he decided a couple of weeks ago that my office chair with pillows is the perfect place to nap. Said chair and pillows have been in my room for ages, not sure why he suddenly decided to use it as yet another sleeping place. So I booted up my beloved ancient laptop to write this LJ post (amg two updates in 1 week, doom!), while watching Avengers for the 4th time. Or was it the 5th? Lost count. I love that movie, so many tiny technological stuffs that makes my inner nerd squee. And gotta love the variety of characters. The story itself may not be exactly original, but whatever =P

Finally finished watching Dragons: Riders of Berk. They really did a great job at continuing the story after the movie. The new minor characters they introduced were nicely done, especially the bad guys. The season finale was simply awesome. I can't wait for the 2nd season in September! So that's one series less to watch. Now to watch the 30 or so others. Not to mention the 10 or so books I still need to read.

Been playing some Tera lately, after Aichan reminded me it is Free to Play nowadays. The controls take some time to get used to, but it has potential. Even invested in the original game to unlock more character and bag slots, because I am an altoholic and I would have ended up buying said slots in their store anyways. Buying the original game is faster and most likely cheaper.

It also appears that Rift is going Free to Play too in June, so I reinstalled the game, spending 2 hours downloading and patching 15 gig of data. I miss my Bard at times, but not enough to pay for a subscription. This change will be perfect for me to occasionally play said char! Logged in briefly on a low level char (it's sort of Free to Play till level 20 atm, with some heavy restrictions), I didn't realise how dull looking the graphics were compared to the vibrant colors of WoW and the high quality and sparkly graphics of Tera. Also seems that both factions can now group up and quest together. I knew it was possible to do that in battlegrounds to shorten the queue times, but actual questing? That's just unreal. Still can't walk into each others capital cities without being flagged for pvp and killed off tho.

Aaaand it's still raining. Guess I'll go poke a certain smartass American on yahoo and continue watching Avengers, the action is starting. Go helicarrier attack!

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LJ layout update and other stuffs

Figured it was time for a new layout again. Sadly most of the layouts for free users are rather dull. I miss being able to make one myself, even tho the earlier homemade versions were rather newbish. At least it was more 'me' than these generic ones. Ah well, this will have to do for now. It will take a while to get used to it but at least I do not have to worry about pic sizes anymore, as the new layout has a bigger area for text and pics.

The Elf Fantasy Fair was lovely as usual. Getting there on my own by car was an adventure on its own! Borrowed dads Tomtom and moms car, as I am not used yet to driving my Twingo yet. Did I even mention yet I now share a car of my own with my brother? O_o It's lime green, brother calling it fondly Lemon Tree or Lemon for short. The ride to EFF was rather fun, 1 hour and 15 min tops. If I had taken the bus and train, it would have taken me 2,5 hours. Not to mention sitting in a train in full cosplay wasn't really something I had in mind =P The weather was quite nice, tho a tad windy, so I had to dig up two shawls for me and aien_hime. Overall, it was one of the best EFF we have been to so far for sure! It was rather relaxing not to have to worry about 3 or so others, constantly getting lost. The layout of the area was also slightly improved, making it more comfortable to walk around to check everything out.

Dressing up all medieval-like was interesting. Managed to find some matching boots to deal with the issue of the length of the dress. Found two bags that somewhat fit the whole medieval setting for me and Aichan. Thanks to mom hoarding all kinds of shawls and ponchos (to keep us warm during the yearly Xmas Fair in the store), even the shawls matched our dresses rather nicely. They served well to sit on too while resting on the grass. Made some pics of the area, tho not really that different from last years EFF, might end up uploading a bunch in the near future. Also did some posing in the dress, which turned out to be rather hard. I am a terrible model! Should poke Aichan for them, still haven't seen them properly (made with her awesome photocamera instead of my average camera on smartphone).

Speaking of pictures, I have started walking in the area again, making lots of pics. I now officially have pics of each season! I am considering sorting them and uploading them in 4 different collections on Flickr, one for each season. Showed some to zeikfried999 on yahoo and he liked them, so I guess they aren't that bad, especially since they are made with a smartphone.

I rather enjoy the 30-50 min walks (depending on the route), with only my mp3-player or occasionally radiostream on phone to keep me company. I actually get restless nowadays if I don't go out for my walk at least 2-3 times a week. In 5 min, I am all out in the nature. A couple of years ago they even build walking/biking routes, planting trees and such as well. It's finally starting to grow to size where one can call it a foresty area. Tho there are still plenty of open areas where the view is simply lovely. Having seen said area in all 4 seasons now makes it even more awesome.

I had plans to write even more, but seems I ran out of time. I have a oven pasta dish to prepare. I'll try to update faster next time, but no promises.

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Family stuffs, EFF preparations, anime series revisited

For some reason I felt like watching some of the older anime series again. I blame James-kun for mentioning DBZ. Now I have to watch all the movies again. Sadly my tv doesn't like fansubs (stupid codecs), so the dubs will have to do. I used to watch it all the time as a dub as a teen, but watching it again in this state is pretty cringeworthy. Seriously, what's with the constant electric guitar background music? I don't mind it in general, but their timing to use it makes it very distracting. Not to mention the random rock-style singing. It doesn't improve the scene at all, unlike Japanse OST. The voices are alright, especially for the main cast...but the movie villiains got the most terribad voice and accents.

The dresses me and aien_hime ordered finally have arrived! To save on the mailing costs, we orderd both dresses in one go, but I sort of forgot it's a 1 hour trip to her place and a 20 euro train ticket, so in the end it's not any money saved =P Not to mention it turns out we're both too busy to meet next week (thus hand over the dress). So 2 or so more days waiting needed till it's mailed to me. My dress will likely needs some minor edits to extend the sleeves and/or lenght of the dress. Sucks to be 1.80 at times, cosplay outfits are often too short as a result. Elf Fantasy Fair is in 13 days tho, yay!

Watched Waitress a couple of days ago. I usually tend to watch either animated, fantasy, sci-fi or action movies, so it was nice to watch something completely different for a change. Actually made me chuckle a couple of times, tho the ending was a tad bittersweet, not entirely what I expected it to be. In a good way tho. Might pick this one up as DVD or Bluray if I spot it somewhere cheap.

Sis ran a 5km marathon today, along with 1200-ish other people, so we came to cheer from sidelines and spoil her with flowers and some small gifts at the finish line. She ended up doing the entire thing in 36 minutes. Kudos to her for being so dedicated. Last time I tried to run a semi-long distance, I ended up twisting a muscle in my knees again. Think I'll just stick to long walks.

To prepare for the car trip to EFF, mom wants me to drive to my gran tomorrow, with the help of our navigation system (and her to monitor the entire thing and annoying the hell out of me, lol). To get used to longer trips and such. It will be an interesting test, I am such a wuss when it comes to highways =P

Coffee time now, bai!

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MMO and their communities

When I started playing MMO's years ago, the idea of meeting random people in the open world seemed awesome to me. In Phantasy Star Online, it meant you either hanged out in one of the many lobbies or you would create an open game, which 3 people could join if interested. I mostly ended up duoing zones with zeikfried999 in a password protected game or with a bunch of people from my Team (PSO version of a guild). Maybe I was just too antisocial, but I never really felt like there was much of a community. About 75% of the created games had a password on it.

Eventually I started playing WoW, mostly with with aien_hime, tho did end up in a bunch of guilds. When they realised I was a female, several would spaz out and be all amazed, what it was like to be a female gamer. I wasn't aware we played games differently. In the early years, most of those guilds had the ambition to raid, but would disband after some months due to not having enough people (40 were needed back then!) to do so.

The first expansion came out, had mostly fun with my IRL friends. Eventually joined an actual raiding guild, learned a lot from the people in there as a complete noob, which I am still grateful for, even if I ain't in that guild anymore. The server itself was at its best, it was one of the younger servers, but with quite some active guilds. Community meant something if you truly wanted to raid. If you were an asshole, it generally meant you would have a terrible time finding a guild to raid with. So you either had accept that, or get a name and race change, or transfer off the server altogether.

Two or so expansions later, I became the Guildmaster of my current guild. Seriously, someone up there really has some weird sense of humor. One day I was just the administrative cleric of the guild (note to self: do not request a promotion, wanting to help out to keep the guild site updated!), the next morning I find an ingame mail from a Game Master, telling me I was the new Guild Master of the guild. Apprantly one of the officers made a ticket to ask to demote the inactive Guild Master, whom hadn't logged for months and it turned out I was the next highest ranked person after that.

I had no intention to stay GM, but now, 2 or so years later, I am still the boss. I do what I do best, administrative stuff. I take care of the site, the guildbank funds, clear out the inactive players, I poke officers to remind them of their tasks. I can live with such responsibilities. No raidleading, no talking on Ventrilo. Just guiding the healer team, assigning some tasks midraid to them.

The guild itself went from 25man raiding during the 1st expansion and most of the 2nd to 10man raiding in the 3rd and 4th. Occasionally I miss the epicness of such a big group, but it certainly is a lot more relaxing to lead. My guildies are a friendly bunch, some of the original members are still around, tho we also had many new ones join us. Pretty much the usual circle of life when it comes to a guild. People get bored of playing a game for so long, move on to new ones. Or join a guild that has better progress in raiding. Or you know, grow up, get kids, a real job.

The guild had its ups and downs, been on the verge of collapsing several times due to no new progress, but we managed to get back up. We are no longer one of the top guilds, we actually lag a bit behind when it comes to killing the final bosses of each tier, but you know what? I can live with that. And apparantly the other guildies don't have issues with it either, else they would have left ages ago.

We only got this bosskill this week, but it feels nice to finally have killed all bosses of this tier. Back to wiping endlessly in the new raid! Not to mention the lovely trash leading to said boss, woohoo.

The community of the server went downhill however. Blizzard introduced a Dungeon Finder tool, allowing to queue up for a random dungeon, ending up with 4 random people from various servers. While it certainly helped to get a get a group even in the middle of the night, it also meant you rarely interact with anyone outside your guild. No more calling out in the general chat for a tank, healer or damage dealer. No longer having to worry about your reputation, as the people you meet in the dungeon finder, you will most likely never meet again. A year ago the Raid Finder also got introduced, allowing you to queue for a simplified 25man version of the recent raid instances. People get to see the content, get some loot. It's ideal for those whom don't have time for raiding at set times. Depending on your role, you will get into a group in 5-50min. You could even do chores while waiting for the queue to pop.

Guilds are falling apart left and right as a result tho. Not happy with your current guild? Make your own! Even tho it will likely collapse again in a couple of months. There are so many guilds around, there is no sense of community left at all. Ofcourse it's also because the game is over 6 years old, people getting bored of it. The game lost some of the magic for me as well, but it's the people in my guild that make the difference. If this guild would fall apart, I would likely just quit playing, as I don't really feel like investing in a new guild community anymore.

When I browse boss kill screenshots like this one, it still makes me proud to call these people my guildies. I may want to strangle you lot at times for going afk at the most annoying times or dying at the silliest times, it's you whom make the guild alive. I tried a more hardcore raiding guild, it felt so silent and unpersonal, I didn't even last a month in it.

I am not sure if you can truly find a community in MMO anymore. Not when there are tools like dungeon/raid finders. I tried more recent games like Rift and Guild Wars 2, but even in those games there didn't really seem to be any community outside guilds. But as long as I can find a bunch of people with the same mindset as me...I am alright with that.

Maybe I should try an RP server, people generally seem to be more involved in the community. A lot more drama at least, if the WoW realm fora post are an indication XD

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Siblings, le argh

My parents are away for the weekend to visit my grandmother, to attend some party and to spend some quality time together. As a result, I am semi-home alone with a 20 year old brother, a cat with a mommas boy issue and my grumphy old lady guinea pig. Ofcourse, my brother used this chance to have a party for 'just 8 people' to celebrate one of his friends' bday. As expected, it turned out to be 12 people instead, but my brother assured all would be fine and he would clean up the next morning, after sleeping away his hangover. Some of his friends stayed over as well, which ain't unsual here.

In the end, the party went fine. The music wasn't too loud, the kids behaved well, aside from two girls constantly giggling which annoyed the hell out of me (I even heard it 2 floors upstairs!). I didn't sleep that well tho, due to the cat acting all heartbroken about his mother missing (thus noone to cuddle during the night). Even kept my door open so he could come to me instead, but noooo, all he did was whiny meowing. So I was up at 8 as a result, which a minor headache and some other stuff that has been bothering me slightly the past few days. Nothing drastic, but enough not to feel 100%.

The kitchen and living room were a mess! I really wanted to clean it up, but as brother assured me he would do so (he even left a note pinned on one of the kitchen cabinets to once again remind me he would do so), I ignored my inner screaming Maru, telling me to clean it all up. Just filled the dishwasher with the first batch of glasses and cleaned up the table so that I at least could eat breakfast and read the newspaper. The floor was all dirty, empty bottles everywhere, wrappers of snacks and made me all twitchy. Had my coffee, stuffed a bag with some of the empty glass bottles to dump in the glass recycling bin on my way to the supermarket. Filled the dishwasher with the 2nd batch, I just couldn't resist.

The rest of the day has been fairly bland. One by one brother and friends awoke and around 13.00 they made the first attempts at cleaning up, only to get distracted by some soccer game on the PS3. Did my last checkup at 17.00 and they actually cleaned up the entire thing. Not up to my standards, but acceptable. I'll prolly end up cleaning the minor stuff they missed. Guess I can't expect perfection from males =P

Tried do some quests on my DK in WoW to unlock some dailies, got feared by an NPC through a wall, fell through the world and got disconnected. Nice. Had to make a ticket on a different character to ask a gamemaster to save my DK, as I couldn't log her without instantly getting disconnected again. They actually responded in less than 2 hours, rather than the usual 12ish hours and moved my char to a safe location. I guess they got some filter that looks for keywords in tickets to help the critical issues first?

Patch 5.2 is most likely releasing in 1-2 weeks. Actually managed to complete all the goals I wanted to complete before said patch. I have to say I am actually curious about the next patch. I loved the trailer, they haven't really made a good one since the ZA/ZG patch in Cata. I love the voiceactor for Lorewalker Cho (apparantly the same guy whom does the English voice for Winnie the Pooh O.o), loved the poem he recites during the trailer as well. I may be a tad biased tho, as I love dungeons/raids featuring trolls.

Watched Skyfall again, this time with my brother (hurrah for Bluray rips, while awaiting my preorded copy to arrive). I really should watch more movies with him, I almost forgot how fun it can be. Despite our 8 year age difference I get get along better with him than with my 26 year old sister (2,5 years age dif). I feel like watching a marvel movie tonight, not sure which one yet.

Time to make some dinner now. Ciao!

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Random musings post

Busy busy busy! Ever since I started working on Thursdays, I just can't seem to find enough time to spend on all my hobbies. It's nice to have that extra bit of money for my upcoming studies in September (still haven't decided what exactly, but narrowed it down a bit), but so little time left to spend gaming, watching my fave series/movies and being creative. Not to mention the chores that need to be done as well...

To Read
Guardians of Childhood Trilogy - William Joyce
Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer
Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell
Les Miserables - Victor Hugo

I really got way too much to read and am way too restless as well to sit down and read atm, due to the constant interrupts. As a result I tend to end up reading fanfics instead. Guess I should simply turn off the pc earlier and schedule some reading time in the evening or something =P

To Watch
Dragons: Riders of Berk (8/13)
Person of Interest (0/TBA)
Various movies for the 2nd time

Currently watching Les Miserables for the 2nd time while typing this post. I may have been a naughty Maru and downloaded it because I couldn't wait for the Bluray and because it's a bloody 1,5 hour trip to one of the few cinemas that actually shows it. I have seen it first in the cinema tho and I loved it! Whom would have thought that Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe could sing like that? I may have teared up a couple of times, especially in the end. Kudos also to Anne Hathaway with her lovely performance of I Dreamed a Dream and Sacha Baron Cohen for his part as Thénardier. I never expected him to perform so nicely in more recent movies, especially after playing in such lame ones like Borat and Brüno. I loved his role as the Station Inspector in Hugo and now he does it again. Also, poor Éponine, I felt so bad for her. I could on and on about it, might make a separate entry on Les Mis in the future.

As for Person of Interest, downloading the first season to see if it's any good (no Bluray/Dvd out yet here), the story sounds interesting and people seem to be quite positive about it, so who knows. I really should watch more of Eureka and finally start watching Once Upon a Time as well...I need more time!

To Create
Doodles for cosplay, got some ideas floating around
Practicing again with my Wacom tablet (now that I actually got space for the drivers on my pc)
Cooking, I would love to find some more healthy versions of my fave foodstuffs.

Yush! The muse has poked me with ideas after a Skype session with aien_hime about cosplay ideas. Should really fix those voice input issues on my pc so I don't need to use the tablet to voice chat. I got the drivers working now, but seems the mike plug at the front of my pc is broken, so need to find a different one at the back, which is terrible to find in the semi-dark -_-

And yep, cooking. I love certain foodstuffs, such as paëlla, but the ones we eat tend to be full of E number/food additives. It would be such an improvement if I could create a similar version with more natural ingredients, spices of my own choice. Sadly so far the recipes we (me and mom) have tried just don't have the same lovely taste as the original one. But we'll keep trying!

Meanwhile, I have spend 1,5 hours typing this entry, so I better call it a day now. I'll try to update faster next time, but no promises =P

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