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Vacation! Soon-ish...

You know that deadline you forgot all about? Yeah, that happened to me. Yesterday I was all happy about finally having a week off (autumn holidays, hoo!), only to get a text message from a classmate, asking about the deadline of an assignment for Digital Publishing. I sorta assumed it was the Friday after said holiday, but turns out the deadline is tonight 23.59. Whoops? Thankfully I am almost done, just some minor tweaking in Photoshop, combining the stuff in pdf format and uploading said pdf online. But yeah, thank you classmate!

So here I am, taking a small break to sort out my thoughts. Too many ideas at the same time tends to overcomplicate my creative process in Photoshop/Dreamweaver. Need to take a step back and observe the current result, ya know? And also to make many snapshots of the entire process to see if I missed anything. Writing a LJ post tends to help a lot, even tho it's prolly not that interesting to read as an outsider. Might as well try to explain what I am trying to create eh?

For digital publishing we have to make an Epub for Paaspop, which is a music festival. To prepare for this, we need to do additional assignments. Research the layouts of magazines, both paper and digital. What's the difference, how do they deal with photos, texts and fonts? After doing said research, we had to make magazine layout examples in Photoshop, using pictures and quotes we like. As many designs/variations as possible. Teacher gave feedback, which was used to finetune the designs. For the final assignment we now have to use one of the layouts and turn it into a digital one for tablet usage. This also means you need to take into account that a user needs indicators how to browse through your magazine. So you need to add a menu bar/navigation stuff. The usage of videos, multiple pages, stuff like that.

Despite being complicated, I love it. While coding my own websites is quite fun, there is someting unreal about trying to tell a story through the latest IT means. Digital Publishing really is still in the stone age if you compare it to other IT-branches. It's too bad the classes can be so utterly dull. I am still torn if I want to be a full fledged Media Designer or if I want to specialise in Digital Publishing or a different innovation course. Thankfully I still got the entire school year to decide, if not longer.

Anyways, back to homework now. Apologies if the post is kinda boring (not that many read it to begin with =P).

Tags: homework, ict, media design, photoshop, school
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